Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moving Day!!

Moving day came and went with little incident. Except, oh yeah, it SNOWED. All day. And sleeted a bit for kicks. Our little cabin is bursting with furniture now and hardly navigable, but it's starting to feel like home.

After we finished unloading, we returned the Uhaul and set out to find our first round bale of hay. After a few months of buying nothing but square bales, getting a round bale felt like finding the Grail. We paid 40 bucks(!) for one round bale, where before we'd been spending 35 bucks on 4 square bales...which only lasted two weeks. It was nirvana.

After a successful search and seizure of the elusive round bale, we hit the feed store to buy chicks! I love chicks, with their fluff and their peeps and their inquisitive, beady little black eyes. I was stoked. We approached the feed store, giddy with anticipation, only to find...ducks. No chicks?!?! Ah, cruel, cruel fate! So, after much sighing and frowning and cursing our fate at not going on chick delivery day, we...bought ducks! Four of the fluffiest, peepiest, beady-eyed little balls of cute I've ever seen now reside, cozily in our makeshift brooder/55 gallon aquarium.

Now, I'm back in Georgia, packing all the crap that doesn't ever seem to have a place in a box with any of the other crap you pack. And cleaning. I had no idea what a dirty person I am until I started cleaning. I have two days to get this place whipped into shape and then the adventure begins in earnest!

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  1. I'm fascinated! I'm wishing you good luck with your life changing venture - and I'll be following with interest. I love ducklings too :o)