Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Foiled again!

Well, the universe is at it again. Messing with my head and foiling all my plans! Dastardly universe! I had such big plans for today. I was going to put more plants in the ground!

Last week, my old man, the consummate bargain hunter, Craigslist shopper, and wanter-of-cheap-tools, found a wood lathe and it's accompanying set of chisel-things on Craigslist for a very small amount of money. He's wanted a lathe for a very, very long time. So off we went. Immediately. I'm talking, turned off the oven in the middle of cooking dinner immediately. We got to the old guy's house and B went to chatting and loading up the lathe. The guy asked him if he wanted tomatoes. B said no. What?!?! Why'd you say no? Cause we already have a million tomatoes started? So what?!? So, I got out of the truck (where I'd been sitting and reading during the men-talking-about-tools part of the trip) and wandered out to say hello. The old guy asks me if *I* want some tomatoes. "Of course! I'd love some! Thank you very much". turns out, he grows three different kinds of heirloom 'maters. One he said is fuzzy like a peach, one is huge and purple, and one is a crazy vining variety that I'll need to let run on something. And he gave me A LOT of 'em. I mean A LOT!

So, I've given a few away and am giving more away this week, but it still looks like we'll be overrun with tomatoes (have I mentioned yet that I really don't like tomatoes? I mean, salsa, ok; tomato sauce, not bad in a pinch; other things you make out of tomatoes, sure; but the actual fruit itself? bleh!). There are at least 50 of them under the lights right now. FIFTY!

And today I had planned on actually planting them. Cause...well...it's time. My bathroom is going to look remarkably like a tomato jungle if I wait much longer. But no. It had to rain.

So what am I doing instead of planting? Starting more seeds. Duh! I still have one empty rack on my light stand! Watermelon, sunflowers, more herbs (the herbs i started a few weeks ago look like they want nothing more than to lay down and die), and...and...umm...other stuff. I forget what packets I pulled out yesterday. Oh! And I need to start my morning glory and moon flower seeds soaking so I can plant them! B moved the WHOLE wood pile so I can plant right in front of the house (good call, mother-in-law!) and I'm going to (maybe) let those run up the posts on the porch.

But, if mother nature and the universe keep whispering in the corner about how to screw up my plans, nothing will ever go in the ground and all of this will be for naught!

On a happier note, all the wee little, cheepy, chirpy, fluffy balls of chicken are doing well! We had a cold night and I was concerned but everyone is present and accounted for, including the 5 hatchlings I moved out to the brooder yesterday. Two of them are still in the incubator...they're a little slow off the mark at fluffing out.

On a totally unrelated note, my dear sister has asked me to write about the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad, and completely sucky day I had last week where every single thing I touched turned to poop and the universe cackled wickedly in my face every time I turned around. That's not for today though. All I'll say regarding the-day-that-shall-not-be-named is that Sancho Panza gave up the ghost and FELL RIGHT OVER. He's still there. On the ground. I should go pick him up and allow him to do his duty, but...meh, it's raining. And I'm still a little discouraged about *whisper* that awful day I had. But, that day? It was just ONE day. One bad day in a string of awesome days, so I still feel like I'm ahead of the curve.

And I live on a farm. On a mountain. Which, even in the rain, is pretty damned awesome!

Good day everyone!


  1. Sounds like you're going to need B to build you a canning shed if you don't already have one!

  2. That would be AWESOME. But, it's going to have to go at the end of the list of things he needs to build! I think a place to keep that ridiculous number of chickens takes precedence. Until then, my kitchen will be a canning factory :)

  3. I LOVE tomatoes! Prepared any way. And I eat them practically every day. Too bad I don't live near enough to take those off your hands for you.

  4. Sars, after I get my kitchen canning operation going, I will definitely ship some out to you. I mean, gods, we'll have plenty to share :)

  5. Hi K
    I'm sure you'll make a LOT of folk happy with your tomato glut when it comes! Sometimes seedlings look like they're on their way out and they're not - so some of your herbs may be fine -fingers crossed for you.
    Thank you for making a visit to my blog and 'welcome' as a follower :o) Glad you liked the ceiling - it was a labour of love LOL.
    Keep smiling!
    Rose H