Monday, April 26, 2010

Three weeks ago, we started with some eggs. We put them in an incubator which sat on my kitchen counter. It was just a box of eggs. No big deal.

Then, all of the sudden, something happened. They started moving. Eggs. Moving. And peeping. Yes, eggs. Just plain ol' eggs. Making noises and moving around.

Then, something all together weird happened.

A few hours later, something else happened.

And then, as if eggs in a box, wiggling, making noise, and poking holes wasn't weird enough...

When I thought our eggs in a box experiment couldn't any more bizarre..

A chicken popped out! Oh, it was a herculean effort, it was! That little guy was exhausted!

But I guess he got his box-mates excited, cause the next thing you know..

Two! Two tiny, slimey little balls of future-cute! That was last night. When we went to bed, there were two; when I woke up this morning...SEVEN!! Seven tiny little chickens were flopping around in our incubator!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "K, you just said that the two hens you have lay plenty of eggs." And you might go so far as to do some math, and say, "Now, K, if all of those eggs hatch, that'll give you 15 chickens! Why on earth do you need 15 chickens?" A valid question.

But wait. There's more.

The egg hatching started Saturday night. Saturday afternoon (during a TORRENTIAL downpour), my old man and I took a little road trip (halfway across the state), to the home of a chicken breeder. I found them on that venerable website, Craigslist. And they had some very cool breeds. So I convinced B that a roadtrip was in order, and off we went.

Now, let me preface all this by saying that chickens can be somewhat...addictive. Once you have a few, you want more. And once you see how many cool breeds there are, you want a lot more.

That being said, I'm NOT going to tell you how many we bought. It's just embarrassing. Y'all will think I'm turning into one of those crazy cat ladies sans cats. I will say this though: we got some of these, a few of these, a couple of these, a handful of these, one or two of these, and finally, the coolest of all, some of THESE!!

Yep. That's a lot of chickens, I know. But, dangit! They're cute!

So, that was pretty much our weekend. It involved way too many chickens. Also, the inlaws came to visit in the midst of all this chicken business and we had a fantastic time dragging them through the woods, touring the property, checking out the falling-down farmhouse in the corner of the property, walking through the garden, and...talking about chickens!! I hope they don't think we've completely lost it at this point!


  1. What does one feed a newborn chick?

  2. The girls loved the pics. The Tolbunt are cool. Is it polish like shoe polish or Polish like mom? When we went to Germany last year we visited T's best friend at her job, where she is like a game warden/park ranger at a state park. They had probably 20 different kinds of chickens and I could not stop taking pictures. What I was going to do with all those I have no idea but I was fascinated. I can see where it could become an obsession to collect all different kinds. Fun!

  3. Kim, right before they hatch, they absorb the last bit of hill which can tide them over for up to three days. But they move to the brooder within 24 hours where they eat tiny little chicken food crumbled.

    Michelle, Polish like your mom. She got a kick out of that! I can't wait till they get they're grownup feathers. They're going to be a riot!