Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener in the Garden

All that talk yesterday about routines and order? Yeah, still working on it. We'll call it a rain delay. We had a series of crazy, hardcore thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening, with wind so intense I just knew I was going to walk outside into Munchkinland. So, with all the foul weather and general sogginess outside, I decided to stay in and...



Yep. I sewed. I actually made something too; my first successful attempt at homemade wearables! I created, with my very own hands, a shirt. And it ugly! I mean, in theory, it's pretty cute, but, my inexperience definitely shines through. The hems aren't straight and there are a couple places where the thread got all bunched up and I had a bit of trouble attaching the straps. But that's beside the point. I SEWED something. I will not, however, be posting pictures of it. It's just too ugly. Give me a couple more practice rounds, then I'll wow you with my couture.

The shirt will be perfect for garden work, though. And holy crap, do I have alot of THAT ahead of me. My garden, which is actually making vegetables, is overrun with grass. Overrun is not an overstatement. The previous owners of the little farm did something which, to me at least, defies conventional wisdom. The PLANTED GRASS in the garden. Yep. Grass. In between the rows. I can't for the life of me figure out why they did that. Aesthetics? Maybe. But if you don't have thirty seven hours a day to devote solely to keeping the grass from spreading, it just looks heinous weedy. Which is where I am. Heinous, heinous garden.

Here, let me show you just how heinous:

Can't even tell where the plants that are supposed to be there are, can you? It takes a well trained eye!

The lettuce is fighting the good fight.

Ooohhh, but look at that!

I may have to force myself to like tomatoes this year. Those and the cucumbers are about the only things that are thriving.

So, yeah, just in case you guys think it's a good idea to plant grass in your garden, I urge you to rethink your position.

Do any of you have gardens this year? Are you battling against weeds as well?

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