Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nature Revealed

I awoke this morning fairly buzzing with optimism for the day with none of my usual dragging about, drinking coffee, and waiting for the day to prod me to action. I was up and ready to begin. I was excited by the prospect of making my home into a better place, of tending to my garden, of caring for my brood of animals, and of enjoying a beautiful day in a beautiful place. But then, ah, duplicitous Nature thwarted me once again! No sooner had I begun reclaiming forgotten corners of the yard from the encroachment of the forest did the sky darkened to an inky grey, full of foreboding. Thunder crackled and the heavens opened up.

I call Nature duplicitous because this torrential shower which has kept me inside all morning has ruined my plans but has also nourished my garden. It has refilled my well but has also provided nourishment to the weeds and saplings that I intended to remove. Such is life as we live it, up here on the ridge. Nature wields a double edged sword and to depend on her in such a vital way is both empowering and enlightening.

B always tells me that I should have a rain contingency plan. And, as much as I am not a planner, I suppose I do. If the power stays on, I will do the various inside chores that never seem to be finished. Dishes, vacuuming, laundry (I have a dryer now, so I’m not impeded by the rain in that regard!), and all the other mundane things we do to maintain order in our homes. If the power goes out…I have no idea. Without power, there is no water as the well pump is electric. So that nixes dishes and laundry. Obviously, the vacuum is electricity dependent. There will be no possibility of baking unless I use the woodstove…and, that’s not something I particularly feel like tackling today. So, aside from general straightening up, I’ll be left to my own devices. Crocheting comes to mind. Or knitting. Or sewing something by hand (which I definitely need to practice). I could practice my guitar or harmonica. I could even take a nap.

And while all these possibilities are inviting, I’m still disappointed. I had high hopes for the day. But, I suppose that while depending on Mother Nature is both empowering and enlightening, it also teaches us to be flexible in our plans.

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