Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday

So it's Friday. For a lot of you, that means you're headed into the weekend, going to the lake or the beach; going somewhere fun or hanging out at home, relaxin (maxin and relaxin?); doing stuff that needs to be done or disregarding the things that need to be done in favor of a low-key, lazy time. The latter is how B and I have spent the majority of our weekends of late. And, while it's been awesome, it's time to get back to the weekend grindstone. And, unfortunately, that means a good bit of heavy lifting is in store for me. We have to move the rabbits from the bottom of the yard over to where our chickens reside. And we need to move the bantams. Have I told you about our bantams? Holy cow. They're freakin cute. Tiny little chickens. Like miniatures. We have one little banty rooster and four little hens. The rooster has just found his voice and he sounds like a 13 yr old boy all cracking and high pitched. Adorable.

Also on my plate is the fall garden. I shudder to think. My summer garden has...well...not thrived, let's just say that. The heat and lack of rain really did a number on it. Even the squash are hating it. BUT! I'm determined. I WILL have a beautiful and productive fall garden. First order of business? Getting rid of all that heinous grass. I'm going to till and mulch like I've never tilled and mulched before. I'm going to wage war on that grass. And from this weekend onward, grass will tremble and stand in awe of my might. Or something. The plan is thus: I will till. I will then lay down black plastic. I will then mulch over the black plastic. I will weed the beds that remain from the current garden and I will pull plants that aren't doing well to make room for my enviable and fruitful fall garden.

But, before my beautiful imaginary garden becomes a reality, I need to start some seeds. I've set up the lightstand (not in the bathroom this time!) and it's ready to go. I think I'll be making a ton of newspaper pots in which to start said seeds. Does anyone have any experience with that? Newsprint pots? I've never used em before, but I think, I think they'll work well for what I want to do. They can just go straight in the ground right?

So, that's the plan for the weekend. I'm determined. I'm motivated. I will absolutely not sit around on my butt all weekend. I will not spend tomorrow afternoon sitting on my front porch, drinking beer, watching Frank the yard bunny frolic. I will be productive.

I mentioned that I didn't set up the lights in the bathroom this go round. Wanna know why? Cause there's a washing machine in there now! Yep! Newly purchased. Just last weekend. A machine that washes clothes. I can't believe it. I feel like Jane Jetson or something. It's like magic. Seriously. I never, ever realized just what a boon having a washing machine is until now. B came home from work one evening and saw me slogging away in the wash tub, scrubbing and wringing. He'd never actually seen me handwash our clothes before that and he was astounded. I think the idea of handwashing clothes is much different from the reality. He even offered to help me wring out the jeans. Then, the very next weekend, he bought me a washer...that awesome, awesome man. You should all try it. Spend four or five months handwashing your laundry then go back to using your machine. I guarantee that you'll have a whole new appreciation for that particular modern convenience.

So, that's about it. I hope you all have a stellar weekend! And go check out my Grit blog! And read the others. Those folks know a thing or two!


  1. Phew! Busy, busy girl!! Yup those newspaper pots can go straight in the soil - when they get wet they deteriorate quickly and your growing little plants will thrive!! I've not made paper pots, but I know you can find directions on the web.

    I'm so happy you got a washer. Back to nature is good, but breaking your back is not!! I have a dryer too, but only use it in the winter when the clothes would freeze on the line!

    Good luck with weekend work.

  2. Thanks Yvette! Have a great weekend yourself :) Hopefully, I'll be in touch with you sometime next week with an update!