Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quoth the Sparrow, "Nevermore"

Something strange is afoot here at the little farm lately. Saturday, I was sitting at the kitchen table, minding my own business, when I heard a rap, rap, rapping at my chamber...window. I looked up and there was a tiny sparrow, fluttering up and down, hither and yon across the picture window, rap, rap, rapping with his tiny, little beak. I have herbs hanging in front of that window to dry and decided that he must be trying to get my bundles of thyme. I dismissed it as a novelty and went back to whatever it was I was doing (reading "over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore"?). The tapping and fluttering continued, incessantly, for at least 10 minutes. Finally, fearing for the poor little guys beak, I closed the blinds.

Thinking my problem solved, I went back to reading. A few minutes later, I heard the familiar rapping! Persistent little creature!! I peaked out the blinds, but he wasn't there. I continued, however, to hear the noise. I walked to the other side of the kitchen to the window above the sink and peered out. Seeing nothing, I began to walk away, when suddenly, the sparrow pops up and begins to flutter against the window. I closed THOSE blinds and went back to reading. Not to be deterred, the little bird continued to flutter. I showed B, and promptly forgot about it.

Sunday, same thing. Monday, same thing. All hours of the day. He doesn't fly away when you stand in front of the window. He flutters and flaps, pecking and tapping at my kitchen window. It's the oddest thing. He's still there today and for the life of me I can't figure out what he wants. The window above the sink does not have a line of sight to the herbs hanging out to dry, so I know that's not what he's after. I'm half-tempted to open the screen and let him in just to satisfy my curiosity. But, then I'd have a bird flying around my house...and we can all see how that carries with it the potential for disaster.

The only thing I can think of is a bit ridiculous. I have a budgie (parakeet to my American brethren). His name is Peter Norman and he lives in a cage in my bathroom. Several times a week, I take Peter Norman's cage and hang it from a hook on the front porch to allow him some time to commune with nature and rue his captive fate. I am of the opinion that my sparrow friend (who I've dubbed Ted), became enamored of my handsome, blue budgie during one of the latter's recent porch outings (Peter Norman has a wonderful singing voice and is a very striking little bird). The sparrow, Ted, is so taken by Peter Norman's talent, poise, and good looks that he will stop at nothing to get to him. He's a stalker sparrow!

If this keeps up, I'll have to get a restraining order and involve the cops, maybe get a personal security detail. Peter Norman's safety could be in jeopardy!!

Look at him hiding behind my Christmas cactus! He thinks he's sneaky!

Those beady little eyes! Plotting and scheming to get to Peter Norman! I can see the malice behind those eyes!

All joking aside, it really is kinda freaky. I can hear him now, tapping at that window.


  1. Even just reading about this unnerved me. Hitchcock's famous movie comes to mind. Do you have a cat? That might solve your stalking problem. Just kidding!!

  2. I like your blog! I read Suzanne's too.

    Poor little sparrow! I would put Peter Norman outside in his cage and watch. Maybe he and Ted are best friends and Ted is afraid that you are doing away with him in there.

  3. I introduced Ted to the cat through the window, thinking a hulking, menacing presence might serve as a deterrent. Not so much. The cat watched him oh, about 20 seconds then fell asleep.

    And I did totally use Peter Norman as bait yesterday (I'm a horrible mama.). No dice. The PN theory was decisively put to bed when Ted kept flapping away at the ol' window the whole time PN was out there.

    And, he's back this morning! Same time, same place.

  4. Love you blog! Found it on Grit :)

    I had the same thing happen to us awhile back..

    I was told that it was because he "sees" another bird in the window and is defending his turf.

    Cool your a fellow TN!! yeah!

  5. hey there Hollow Bone Dream :) Welcome!

    My mom also suggested that it might be his reflection that's got him all riled up, but I don't think so. I've looked in from the outside of both the windows and I can't see myself. And he's there ALL HOURS of the day. Plus, that's just too rational for my liking ;)

    Where abouts in the Rocky Top are you?