Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking up the slack with photos

I can't think of anything even remotely interesting to talk about. My days are all remarkably similar lately, and I've already complained about the unending heat, so to avoid be repetitive, I thought I'd throw up some photos, the sights of the little farm, and leave it at that for today.

Not a great photo, but if you squint your left eye, hop on one foot, speak Swahili, and count to 42, you can see a rainbow. I promise. Or, click on it to embiggen.

The tree in the photo above is one more piece of evidence that supports my theory that lackluster yardwork is good yardwork. For months after I first got here, I meant to pull this little tree up, thinking it was some random hardwood volunteer that sprung up uninvited. Little did I know, it's a ...something that flowers tree. I see them all over the place now, but I have no idea what it is. Any clues?

Close up of the above something-that-flowers-tree.

Scandalous photo of bathing chicken. It would've been doubly scandalous, but the hen who left that hole to the left, ran off before I could snap the photo. She was mortified. As an aside, those are my gardenias. Apparently, chickens love bathing in gardenia roots. Conversely, gardenias do not love being chicken bathtubs.

And lastly, this is NOT what my sunflowers look like anymore. My sunflowers are drought deadened, brittle things, that just barely whisper of this former glory.

Now, I'm off to find something interesting to do today so that I actually might have something of substance to say to you all tomorrow.

I bid you adieu ;)


  1. I saw the rainbow, I saw the rainbow!! I can't hop on either foot, don't speak Swahili, but had to count to 43 and I saw your rainbow!

    Beautiful pictures. I don't know what that tree thingy is either ...


  2. Rose of Sharon???

  3. You, anonymous commenter, I believe to be correct! After a lengthy and exhaustive (or, like 20 seconds) google images search yielded information which points, indeed, to Rose of Sharon. Thank you, oh mystery flower figure outer!