Friday, October 1, 2010


Hey, guess what! It's finally October. Freakin finally. I love October. I love cool, crisp mornings and nights around a bonfire. I love the colors and the smell of burning wood. I love not weeding the garden or cutting the grass. I love hot chocolate and apple cider. I love wool socks and cozy hats. Ahhh, October, I'm glad you finally showed up.

Today is slated to be a very productive day (why, then, am I sitting inside at my desk?). We finally got around to getting a storage unit up here! Yay!! Now we can finally banish our Sanford and Sons decorating motif and go for something a little less junkyard and a little more cozy, little house. Seriously, we've got sooo much crap. So, of course, we're just gonna move it to somewhere out of sight and forget that we have a clutter problem. Duh. What, you expect us to purge? Pfft. Not this little family. B doesn't purge. He collects. You know that show American Pickers? His lifelong ambition is to be one of those old guys with all that crap stowed away in barns and sheds. I'm cool with it, just so long as it's kept in barns and sheds and our house doesn't turn into one of those places where you can't see the front lawn for cars on blocks and toilets. So, we shuffle all of our crap from place to place, Joad style. You should've seen us moving up here. We had some loads that defied the laws of physics.

So, that's the goal for today. Sort through all this stuff and decide what to store elsewhere and what to keep here. Kinda of a pain in the ass, but whatever. Needs to be done. I'll also be cutting the grass for what's hopefully the last time this year and doing some general yard clean-up and prep for the long, cold winter.

Now, you guys go enjoy October. Have some hot cider, build a bonfire, sit on your butts, and watch the world!


  1. There is always 'stuff' I don't want to get rid of, but by the time it has sat around for a couple to 3 yrs, I sort of close my eyes and dump it in the trash. I've lived in this small 2 bdr house for 9 years and am still purging from when I had a 4 bdr home .. I guess it will never end ... LOL


  2. oh you are a better woman than I am for letting him collect crap. Don't let him turn into Grandpa R though! Oh thank god I did not get that gene.

    Went to a pumpkin patch today for Janie's pre-K fieldtrip. It was so awesome to walk through the nice green corn that was 8' tall and be in the shade. Something about going to a pumpkin patch when it is 80 is not right though. We'll have to go back when we can wear a sweater.

  3. Hahaha!! I love you K! You are such a crack up! Regarding crap... my hubby learned from the best-his dear ol' dad. We have a three car garage that cannot even fit a skateboard in it. I guess if he organized it, we probably could. As long as the door closes, it's all good. Outta sight, outta mind! Enjoy your wool socks! We have rain (So. Cal) YAY! It was 60* here today, brr... BUT it was about 100* two days ago! Mother nature is starting to worry me!
    ;) Amber

  4. Hey slacker. Its f***ing November and no blogs? Is it too d**n cold to type....come on...suck down that coffee and yarn a tale about the beginning of your first winter in the smokies. Consider it good karma.