Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet the Flock!

All I can say right now is holy crap, people, crap! I'm completely overwhelmed by the increase in visits to the little farm blog over the last two days. My page loads went from 16 on Monday to 182 yesterday. Unreal. So, a hearty welcome to everyone who has dropped by. Thank you so much for checkin' us out!


It's hot at the little farm today. Hot and dry. We haven't had rain in a month. Nary a drop. The garden is shriveling, the leaves on the trees in the forest are wilting, the plants on the side of the dirt road are gray with's almost unbearable. I've never lived anywhere that went an entire month with no rain. Not even in Georgia can I remember a time where we didn't at least get a random afternoon storm here and there. This is ridiculous. I have no idea how people live in arid climates. Everything that was green is now either yellow or brown. And not the pretty autumnal yellows and browns. These are the yellows and browns of struggles and fights for life.

But, what can you do? Rain dance? Prayer? Drum circle? All of the above? I'd be mighty obliged if any of you would partake in any of those things on behalf of all the folks on the Cumberland Plateau!

Moving on! Pictures! I know you are all eagerly anticipating introductions to our silliest and most indivdual chickens. I only photographed (for today) the ones with names. And we've only named the ones we can actually tell apart from the others. So, without further ado!!!

This is Angry Chicken

I don't think Angry Chicken is really all that angry, she just has...ummm...well, she's got kind of a weird face, permanent scowl thing going on. She's very intimidating!

This fine fellow is Leroy Brown.

I know everyone has a badass rooster named Leroy Brown, but, come on, he really is a badass. He's even got the crazy eye! Leroy Brown: "I'll kill you, sucka!!"

This pretty little thing is Cher.

Y'all remember that photo of the real Cher when she had that crazy feather head dress on, right? Spitting image. Although THIS Cher is a bit tougher to photograph. She zips about like crazy.

And here we have Phyllis Diller.

If you don't know who Phyllis Diller is, please Google her so you can see how striking the resemblance is. It's remarkable. There is another chicken who is identical to this one, so we call them both Phyllis Diller. They're impossible to differentiate.

And finally, the one we've all been waiting for. My dearest, sweetest, most awesome little duck, Seamus!!!

Isn't he perfect? "My name is Seamus and I like water and mud, tomatoes, squash, strawberries, long walks in the rain and swimming and nibbling on the womans big toe." Isn't he handsome? I just know there's some lucky duck lady out there waiting to meet him!

Sorry there aren't more photos. Moving chickens are crazy hard to photograph. I'll post more here and there in the future so everyone can see just how freaking awesome they are!


  1. I love your birds and their names! This is a fun blog...come "visit" me if you'd like.

  2. Welcome, welcome, Mary! Thanks for dropping in :D

  3. I love Phyllis Diller....what sort of chicken is she??? I would love a couple of those....and Seamus is very, very cute....

  4. I have come via Down-to Earth blog.
    Love those pictures and names! We named our hens after Jane Austin characters. It will make great conversation when we go to butcher them. Which one are we eating now? Emma or Lydia?
    Watch out for Phyllis, those breeds can go nuts! No really.....been there.

  5. Phyllis Diller - LOL!! Jennah thinks Angry Chicken should have been named Zebra. That's the 5 year old's perspective anyway. Hope you get rain soon!!

  6. LOVE the chickens! Arid Climates...most people out here water their gardens all summer with water from the snow runoff in the lives in our irrigation canals all over town. It's crazy...all winter those things are dry as 45 mph water flowing all over! I'll do a rain dance for you :)

  7. Debra - As far as I know, she's a Tolbunt Polish...but she could just be a regular Polish and we got jipped :)

    SLLF - you mean Polish chickens in general go nuts? Like mean? or neurotic? I can totally see them being neurotic, pacing the fence, being all Chicken Little.

    Shell - Ask Jennah if we can compromise and call her Angry Zebra :D

  8. Hey! What about Sherlock Combs?!?! He deserves another mention and definitely republishing of his photo!

  9. Great photo's. Love Seamus duck. What a good looking guy. Our chooks all get called things like speckle, snowy, blackie, mama chook, and pecky...apart from the ones my daughter names...they get names like "Angel-rainbow-butterfly, and saphire-princess-daffodil.